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Do you like to build things and solve problems? SunPower’s products group is comprised of engineers who use math and science, along with their creativity and imagination, to isolate problems, analyze them, and come up with practical ways to change things so they perform better. Designing for our customers’ current and future needs provides us a platform to change the way the world is powered. We look for innovative, big picture thinkers who can create a product from scratch or improve an existing one, then test it to assure that it’s the best quality product on the market, worthy of the SunPower brand.

We employ and look for software development engineers; mechanical and electrical design, test, and reliability engineers; field engineers; product managers who own the product development process; firmware engineers; performance engineers; and application engineers for our Bay area and Austin locations.

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Requisition ID Job Title Location Job Function
45443 Senior Partner Support Representative
Binan, PH Jun 18, 2018 0.00 mi Service and Support 45443 Binan-Senior-Partner-Support-Representative
Binan, PH Service and Support
39581 Capital Procurement Buyer
Melaka, 04, MY Jun 16, 2018 0.00 mi Purchasing 39581 04 Melaka-Capital-Procurement-Buyer-04
Melaka, 04, MY Purchasing
38787 Installation Technician
Newington, CT, US Jun 15, 2018 0.00 mi Construction 38787 CT Newington-Installation-Technician-CT-06111
Newington, CT, US Construction
38641 Regional Sales Manager Belgium
Antwerp, VAN, BE, 2000 Jun 15, 2018 0.00 mi Sales 38641 VAN Antwerp-Regional-Sales-Manager-Belgium-VAN-2000
Antwerp, VAN, BE, 2000 Sales
40281 Product Manager, Loan and Ownership Products
Richmond, CA, US, 94804 Jun 15, 2018 0.00 mi Finance and Accounting 40281 CA Richmond-Financial-Product-Manager-CA-94804
Richmond, CA, US, 94804 Finance and Accounting
46401 Operations Intern
Davis, CA, US, 95616 Jun 15, 2018 0.00 mi Internship 46401 CA Davis-Operations-Intern-CA-95616
Davis, CA, US, 95616 Internship
46283 Senior Technical Accountant
San Jose, CA, US Jun 14, 2018 0.00 mi Finance and Accounting 46283 CA San-Jose-Senior-Technical-Accountant-CA-95101
San Jose, CA, US Finance and Accounting
36642 Director - Project Finance
Boston, MA, US, 08411 Jun 13, 2018 0.00 mi Finance and Accounting 36642 MA Boston-Director-Project-Finance-MA-08411
Boston, MA, US, 08411 Finance and Accounting
26601 Junior Credit Analyst
Binan, LAG, PH, 4024 Jun 13, 2018 0.00 mi Finance and Accounting 26601 LAG Binan-Junior-Credit-Analyst-LAG-4024
Binan, LAG, PH, 4024 Finance and Accounting
47064 Commercial Customer Service
Binan, LAG, PH, 4024 Jun 13, 2018 0.00 mi Service and Support 47064 LAG Binan-Commercial-Customer-Service-LAG-4024
Binan, LAG, PH, 4024 Service and Support